Workforce Development Program Updates – May 2nd 2022

NC Works NextGen Helps Remove Barriers for Youth 
NCWorks NextGen exists to help remove many of the barriers some of our youth experience and start them on the path to career success. 

The New York Times Corps Helps Aspiring Journalists with Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Backgrounds
The Times Corps specifically seeks candidates from underrepresented groups, such as students of color and/or students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. “We want to harness the vast expertise resident within our newsroom staff to help promising journalists who otherwise might not get the chance to receive the kind of career guidance essential to success,” said Theodore Kim, director of career programs at The Times.

Massachusetts Groups Get $2.6M for Youth Training Programs 
The U.S. Department of Labor gave funding to Old Colony YMCA and Community Teamwork, Inc., for youth apprenticeships and other career pathways to tech industries such as clean energy.
– Old Colony YMCA
– Community Team work. Inc. 

Biden-⁠Harris Administration Expands Second Chance Opportunities for Formerly Incarcerated Persons 
The Department of Justice and the Department of Labor are announcing a first-of-its-kind collaboration to invest $145 million over FY22-FY23 to provide job skills training and individualized employment and reentry plans for people incarcerated in Bureau of Prisons (BOP) facilities. Implementation of the First Step Act, will be the first time the Department of Labor will bring its job training and reentry support and expertise to federal prisoners.

Slingshot takes aim at career development to lead students to their job paths 
On a mission to help young people discover how their skills and interests can help decide which career to aim for, Spokane entrepreneur Tyler Lafferty has started Slingshot, a nonprofit professional training and coaching program.

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