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About Us

WorkerSpring provides assistance for you to deliver work opportunities to your community. We are a web-based platform connecting community members to trusted employers

Community Matters

At WorkerSpring, our goal is to empower community organizations to improve access to job opportunities for their members, turning them into valuable talent resources for employers. We’ve seen that when people secure jobs through community networks, they’re more likely to find roles that resonate with their interests and values, leading to a more fulfilling work environment. Our commitment lies in nurturing these connections and aiding individuals on their career paths, thereby enhancing personal development, community involvement, and job satisfaction. We hold a firm belief in the inherent potential of each person to effect positive change and are dedicated to unlocking those transformative opportunities within the workforce

How We Help

WorkerSpring is a platform, that enables community hiring. It connects employers with verified candidates in job seeker groups hosted by local schools, churches, nonprofits and associations. This community-based hiring model leverages the inherent strengths of community connections, significantly increasing the likelihood of individuals finding meaningful work that aligns with their skills, interests, and community ties. Connecting employer with job seekers through community networks leads to better hiring outcomes and enhances the positive impact on local communities.

WorkerSpring not only provides a centralized platform for accessing work opportunities within the community but also offers a job readiness resources portal specifically designed for community organizations. This portal serves as a tailored resource hub, enabling community organizations to access and share valuable tools and information to enhance job readiness among the individuals they serve. By leveraging the job readiness resources portal, community organizations can effectively empower individuals to build successful careers, navigate the job market, and thrive in their pursuits within the community.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”
– Helen Keller


Erik Hanvey

Erik Hanvey – CEO and Founder
Erik Hanvey previously founded SASR Workforce Solutions. He served as CEO for 18 years and helped grow the company to a nationally recognized brand in retail through partnerships with companies like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Big Lots and Target. At SASR he initiated the development of HireFlex, their proprietary workforce management software used as their competitive advantage. In October of 2021, he sold the company to start WorkerSpring. He has a passion to help transform people’s view of work from a burden to a gift used to serve others. Before starting SASR, he started two other companies Company People and Professional Organization of Service. He attended NC State University where he earned his BS in Business Administration.

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