About Us

Our Why

When I started my first company, I hired people based on their sincerity of why they wanted the job and that was about it.  Two years after running the company, one of my best employees, Bill, pulled me to the side at a company meeting and was somewhat emotional when he said “I just want to thank you for taking a risk on me and giving me a chance.” I was a little taken aback and he responded, “I had been looking for a job and nobody would hire me because I just got out of prison but you took a chance on me and it changed my life.”  He gave me a big hug and started to tear up.  Bill was the guy who went above and beyond in his job, always showed up on time, and always got glowing reviews from our customers. Bill had something to prove not only to himself but to me and was loyal and committed because I took a chance on him. He was grateful for his job – a  job changed his life, someone took a chance on him, someone looked at him as an individual. I am glad I took a chance on him, because Bill actually changed my life, he changed my perspective and gave me a renewed passion to help employ more people. 

In the company I founded in 2003, SASR Workforce Solutions, I frequently participated in hiring individuals to fill our open jobs.  When I called new hires to let them know they got the job, I received responses over and over thanking me, telling me how much the job has impacted them and their family and even people crying in gratitude and joy.

Work Matters

It means something to have a job. We need to reflect more on the impact a job has on each of our lives and understand the importance of our work.  Work matters, what you do matters and the things you accomplish each day have ripple effects to those around you. Work is at the core of who we are and brings us purpose and community in our lives. Whether work is paid, done in the home, or as a volunteer, it moves us forward and contributes to our well being.  Work is a way to meet our basic needs of food, shelter, safety and security and it is also a way to fulfill our needs of significance, growth and contribution so we can serve our families and communities better.  In all these things we are accomplishing something and contributing to the well being of others.  Instead of viewing work only as a way to make money, we view it as a way to serve others. 

How We Help

WorkerSpring helps employers hire trusted job seekers through job programs offered by organizations including High Schools, Trade Schools, Nonprofits, Faith Based Organizations and Community Groups. It’s grassroots community engagement to find workers that are missed in the typical recruiting process. In our model, hiring outcomes are better because community organizations are curating a pool of talent for employers where they are validating job seekers skills, abilities and/or reputation through the job programs they offer. Since 85% of jobs are landed through a connection with a company, it helps job seekers expand their employment connections through the job programs they are a part of and increase their probability of finding a job. The relationship between the community organization, employer and job seeker gives more trust in the hiring decision. 

We are inspired by what can happen in a person’s life through a job. Community organizations are a trusted source of verified talent and are investing in our people, building our futures and creating real change in our communities. You can partner with them today through WorkerSpring to hire their job seekers. 

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

– Helen Keller

Erik Hanvey – CEO and Founder

Erik Hanvey previously founded SASR Workforce Solutions. He served as CEO for 18 years and helped grow the company to a nationally recognized brand in retail through partnerships with companies like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Big Lots and Target. At SASR he initiated the development of HireFlex, their proprietary software solution they still use today to run their business. In October of 2021, he sold the company to start WorkerSpring. He has a passion to help transform people’s view of work from a burden to a gift used to serve others. Before starting SASR, he started two other companies Company People and Professional Organization of Service. He attended NC State University where he earned his BS in Business Administration.