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Lorain County: Youth Services program recruiting for jobs

The Lorain County Youth Services program is currently recruiting for paid positions. The program provides work experience for young people between 16 to 24 years old. Participants will gain valuable job skills while working in a professional environment. The program is an excellent way to learn about different careers and explore different job options. Positions are available in a […]

Safe Families Joined WorkerSpring

So happy to announce Safe Families for Children is joining WorkerSpring.  Safe Families for Children is a family preservation movement to keep children safe and families together. They bring the church and community together mobilizing an army of volunteers to advocate for vulnerable children and socially isolated families.  They have 300 volunteers and have helped […]

Pardoned by Christ Joined WorkerSpring

Thrilled to announce Pardoned by Christ is joining WorkerSpring.  This amazing organization helps restore lives affected by incarceration. They have established in prison, transitional, and community based Christian programming for justice-involved individuals throughout North Carolina. They are expanding their transitional housing program throughout the triangle area and the state of North Carolina. To learn more […]

Workforce Development Program Updates – May 2nd 2022

NC Works NextGen Helps Remove Barriers for Youth NCWorks NextGen exists to help remove many of the barriers some of our youth experience and start them on the path to career success.  The New York Times Corps Helps Aspiring Journalists with Socioeconomically Disadvantaged BackgroundsThe Times Corps specifically seeks candidates from underrepresented groups, such as students of […]

Summer Interns

shared by James Forrest of Michael Best The Department of Labor has provided guidance to determine whether an intern must be paid (the intern is in fact an employee) or whether it is acceptable to not compensate an intern (i.e., the worker is not classified as an employee).  See this link.  Factors include: Which party is […]

Jobs For Life joined WorkerSpring

We will be launching WorkerSpring this week with CBO’s who use the Jobs for Life (JfL) curriculum. JfL is the most widely used evangelical jobs program partnering with churches and ministries to help the unemployed and underemployed find work. JfL provides both a program model and a curriculum. Moving forward, any organization that teaches JFL […]

Launching in April

We will launch the WorkerSpring platform in April. Our first version will help employers connect with Community Based Organizations to hire their job seekers.  Community based organizations (CBO’s) are nonprofits that are representative of their community and provide educational, economic development or other related programs to individuals in the community – a good example would be […]