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The Jobs Portal has been released on the WorkerSpring recruiting platform. Now employers can post jobs and community organization can respond with their recommended candidates. Employers are able to enter the population groups they are hiring including previously incarcerated, youth, veterans, recovered drug and alcohol, refugees, Americans with disabilities, the elderly, single parents, autistic, Down

We Launched!

We launched the first version of our application!! We will be adding community based organizations over the next couple of weeks. Look out for the updates as we add these amazing organizations to learn how they are helping people prepare for work and transform their lives. Employers can connect with WorkerSpring at to start hiring their […]

Launching in April

We will launch the WorkerSpring platform in April. Our first version will help employers connect with Community Based Organizations to hire their job seekers.  Community based organizations (CBO’s) are nonprofits that are representative of their community and provide educational, economic development or other related programs to individuals in the community – a good example would be […]