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Community Based Organizations

WorkerSpring acts as a bridge, connecting employers with your community to provide job opportunities. Together, we can make a positive impact and help your community find fulfilling work.

Be the “who you know”

Bring employer connections to your community

Individuals in your community need work but may not have the right connections.
85% of jobs are landed through a connection

How it works

Join WorkerSpring

Easily set up your WorkerSpring account and provide optimal work opportunities for your community. Simply send an invite to add your community members or create profiles on their behalf.

Start Job Seeking

Community members can either apply to jobs themselves or you can apply on their behalf. You can even curate a select list of employers that perfectly align with the needs of your job seekers.

Advocate for Members

Aid in the job fulfillment process by advocating for your community members. As a community based organization, the people you serve already have a connection with your organization.

Watch your Community Thrive

With our platform, you can open doors of opportunity for your community and make a positive impact. Rest easy knowing that you have played a large role in their success.

Easy to Use

Help Community Members Foster Critical Connections with Employers

Your community can open doors to opportunity

Create your own job seeker programs today for your community

Deliver better access to diverse work opportunities for your members

Connect with regional and national employers through WorkerSpring networks

Curate a preferred list of employers that are a good match for your job seekers

One Platform, Multiple Connections

Use our White Glove Service and we'll handle all the above for you

Organizations and Networks to Find Your Next Hire

Second Chance Alliance

Network of job seeker programs helping justice involved individuals connect with employers who are background friendly

Jobs For Life Network

Network of organizations teaching the Jobs For Life program – Uplifting humanity through the dignity of work

Trade School Network

Network of job programs at trade schools helping their students connect to jobs in their trade

Individuals With Disabilities

A network of organizations helping individuals with disabilities prepare for and connect to work

Church Network

Network of job seeker programs helping justice involved individuals connect with employers who are background friendly

Recently Laid Off​

Job seeker programs for employees that were recently laid off at their company