Deliver Work Opportunities to Your Community

A web-based platform to connect members of your community to trusted employers

Bring employer connections to your community

Many don’t have the “Who you know”
Apply to 100’s of jobs with no response
Limited knowledge or opportunities
Need a champion to open doors of opportunity

Individuals in your community need work but may not have good connections

85% of jobs are landed through a connection

Be the “Who You Know”

Foster the critical connections
individuals need with employers

Your organization thrives when the people you serve thrive

Individuals in your community need a job and employers want to hire them
Verification of identity, skills and training brings trust to the hiring process
Your involvement brings encouragement and confidence to the job seeker
The employee/employer relationship is enhanced out of respect for your organization

Connect to multiple employers with ease

  • Create your own job seeker programs today for your community

  • Deliver better access to diverse work opportunities for your members

  • Connect with regional and national employers through WorkerSpring networks

  • Join syndicated networks of similarly focused programs to help employers find and connect with your organization

  • Curate a preferred list of employers that are a good match for your job seekers

One Platform, Multiple Connections

Impactful Connections

Connect with employers who are good for your community

Help companies thrive that respect your organization and your people hired

Critical Mass

More employers = more

demand for workers

1 connection helps,

100 impacts

Minimal effort, Maximum Impact

Less time spent, more connections developed

More opportunities than job seekers would find on their own


“A cord of three strands is not easily broken”

Multiple Work Types


Companies hire workers directly on to their payroll and take them through their employee onboarding process

Side Hustles

Workers can find side jobs to supplement their income – babysitting, lawn mowing, etc. Paid as a 1099 contractor

Professional Services

Individuals hired for professional services such as Accounting, Marketing, Landscaping, etc. Paid as a 1099 Contractor


Workers can find volunteer opportunities to contribute to their community and build relationships





One platform,

Multiple connections,

Meaningful impact

1 – Join Today

Only 10 minutes to onboard

2 – Create a Job Seeker Program

Create a job seeker program for your community or multiple programs for different groups

3 – Share your program

Share program with your community and invite employers and job seekers with a URL link or QR Code

4 – Join other networks

Join networks to help employers find you

Bring work opportunity to your community

Join these and other networks to connect with employers today

Second Chance Alliance

Network of job seeker programs helping justice involved individuals connect with employers who are background friendly

Jobs For Life Network

Network of organizations teaching the Jobs For Life

program – Uplifting humanity through the dignity of work

Trade School Network

Network of job programs at trade schools helping their students connect to jobs in their trade

Individuals with disabilities

A network of organizations helping individuals with disabilities prepare for and connect to work

Church Network

A network of job programs offered at churches helping individuals connect with work

Recently Laid Off

Job seeker programs for employees that were recently

laid off at their company