Hire Through Community Organizations

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Grassroots Engagement

Verified Candidates

Better Outcomes

Impacted Communities

Hiring is Hard

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Can’t find people
Not enough candidates
People aren’t showing
Ghosting interviews
Engagement is low

Transform your hiring through partnerships with Community Organizations

The best source of untapped talent

Grassroots engagement

  • Out of the box engagement with the community
  • Established connections with local job seekers
  • Built in relationships through the connections with organizations

Seal of approval

  • Each job seeker enters through a relationship with organization
  • Verified identity, training or skills for each individual
  • Relationship with organization ensures accountability in hiring

Job Seeker Programs

  • Specific programs available based on hiring needs
  • Programs provide hiring connections and job readiness skills
  • Short form and long form training provided

Program Networks

  • Subscribe to program networks with similar attributes
  • Automate connection requests for new programs in preferred networks

Impact Your Business and Community

Better Hiring Outcomes

Hiring outcomes are better because organizations are validating job seekers skills, abilities and/or identity through the job programs they offer

Improved Diversity

Improve diversity in your hiring by connecting with different communities to that bring new perspectives, a wider talent pool and increased productivity to your company

Community Investment

Invest in the work of community organizations by hiring their job seekers and support their efforts to better our communities and individuals’ lives

WOTC Tax Credits

Hire individuals from targeted groups who face barriers to employment and receive up to $2400 in tax credits

Types of jobs you can hire for

Full time and part time staff

Hire workers directly on to your payroll as an employee and take them through your application process

Side Hustles

Contract someone for side jobs to supplement their income – babysitting, lawn mowing, etc. Paid as a 1099 contractor

Professional Services

Contract a professional for their services such as Accounting, Marketing, Landscaping, etc. Paid as a 1099 Contractor


Combine on-the-job learning with related classroom instruction, to hire participants


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Hire your next employee from organizations

in these and other networks

Second Chance Alliance

Network of job seeker programs helping justice involved individuals connect with employers who are background friendly

Jobs For Life Network

Network of organizations teaching the Jobs For Life program – Uplifting humanity through the dignity of work

Trade School Network

Network of job programs at trade schools helping their students connect to jobs in their trade

Individuals with disabilities

A network of organizations helping individuals with disabilities prepare for and connect to work

Church Network

A network of job programs offered at churches helping individuals connect with work

Recently Laid Off

Job seeker programs for employees that were recently laid off at their company