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WorkerSpring revolutionizes the hiring process by bridging the gap between employers and verified local talent, thanks to partnerships with community-based organizations. Our platform is dedicated to connecting employers with pre-vetted job seekers from within their communities, enhancing local collaboration and trust.

Types of Jobs You can Hire For

Full time and part time staff

Hire workers directly on to your payroll as an employee and take them through your application process

Professional Services

Contract a professional for their services such as Accounting, Marketing, Landscaping, etc. Paid as a 1099 Contractor

Side Hustles

Contract someone for side jobs to supplement their income – babysitting, lawn mowing, etc. Paid as a 1099 contractor


Combine on-the-job learning with related classroom instruction, to hire participants

WorkerSpring Makes Hiring Easy

The Right candidates

Streamline your hiring process by targeting specific communities and organizations that align with your hiring needs. By focusing on community-based partnerships, you can tap into a pool vetted candidates.

Present and timely workers

Quickly discover job seekers through programs that include training and development initiatives, mentorship programs, or other resources tailored to your industry and community.

increased engagement

Our platform facilitates a seamless connection between employers and job seekers, resulting in higher levels of interaction, increased response rates, and more qualified candidates.


Transform your hiring through partnerships with Community Organizations

Establish collaborations with community organizations and gain a direct conduit to underserved populations and diverse talent pools often overlooked by traditional hiring practices and job recruitment agencies.

Better Hiring Outcomes

Engage with candidates who are more likely to be loyal, trustworthy and show up because of their involvement with a community based organization

Improved Diversity

Create opportunity for groups that may face barriers to employment, such as minorities, veterans, individuals with disabilities, or those living in economically disadvantaged areas

Community Investment

Build relationships with community organizations to provide better access to work opportunities for their community and become a meaningful source of opportunity

WOTC Tax Credits

Hire individuals from targeted groups who face barriers to employment and receive up to $2400 in tax credits.


Impact Your Business and Community​

Joining WorkerSpring ensures that the connections you cultivate within your community result in  impactful outcomes for job seekers.impactful outcomes for job seekers.

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Organizations and Networks to Find Your Next Hire

Second Chance Alliance

Network of job seeker programs helping justice involved individuals connect with employers who are background friendly

Jobs For Life Network

Network of organizations teaching the Jobs For Life program – Uplifting humanity through the dignity of work

Trade School Network

Network of job programs at trade schools helping their students connect to jobs in their trade

Individuals With Disabilities

A network of organizations helping individuals with disabilities prepare for and connect to work

Church Network

A network of organizations helping individuals with disabilities prepare for and connect to work

Youth Network

Network of job seeker programs helping youth ages 15 to 24 prepare for and connect to employment opportunities