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Meet Tabitha

Meet Tabitha, the Director of Programs at Heart for Winter Haven. She has leveraged the power of WorkerSpring to amplify her impact on her community.

The mission at Heart for Winter Haven is to bring people together through collaborations that restore relationships, build resources, and grow community. Tabitha provides her community with the resources and tools they need to…


How it works


Employers looking for vetted workers and wanting to increase community outreach sign up with WorkerSpring.


WorkerSpring serves as the bridge for employers to establish multiple hiring partnerships with community-based organizations, connecting them with diverse sources of talent


Community based organizers sign up for WorkerSpring to advocate for participants in their programs who are seeking job opportunities.


Job seekers get a springboard to a fulfilling career with guidance from the community based organizations they already belong to and trust.


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When you hire local talent, it demonstrates to your customers and clients that you are deeply rooted in the community. It shows that you are committed to its development, the welfare of its residents, and the overall economic prosperity. This is where WorkerSpring comes in. We collaborate with community-based organizations that provide resources, accountability, and screening. Hire with confidence through WorkerSpring.

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Bridge the Gap with WorkerSpring​

Community based organizations are the heart of WorkerSpring and help disadvantaged or underserved community members find their way back into a meaningful job. Community based organizers can feel secure knowing they are matching good people with good jobs and helping their program participants move forward with a sense of pride and confidence.

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Instead of the tireless cycle of applying for jobs and hoping someone will give you a chance, wouldn’t it be great if there was a local organization could help you get your foot in the door? WorkerSpring partners with hundreds of community based organizations that does just that, and in record timing. Utilize the opportunity, resources and support to reach your career goals. You’re not alone in this journey.

Meet Tabitha


The mission at Heart for Winter Haven is to alleviate poverty in all forms by restoring relationships, building resources, and growing community. Tabitha provides her community with the resources and tools they need to achieve success. In addition, she ensures that each individual is thoroughly vetted, instilling trust in employers. To facilitate the link between job seekers and meaningful job opportunities, Tabitha effectively utilizes WorkerSpring.

Oftentimes Tabitha sees job seekers get frustrated on standard job platforms leaving them feeling deflated. She says, “sometimes it is not just about qualifications, but about having a connection or knowing someone in the industry”. WorkerSpring provides people like Tabitha a platform to more efficiently match job seekers to great job opportunities.

By utilizing WorkerSpring:

  • Community-based organizations gain the ability to actively advocate and apply for meaningful jobs on behalf of their community members
  • Onboarding is a breeze and inviting your community is as simple as scanning a QR code
  • Employers can access a pool of talented individuals vetted by community organizers like Tabitha

This not only improves the hiring process but also creates opportunities for job seekers who may otherwise be overlooked. Together, through the joint efforts of organizations and employers, we can foster a stronger community and empower individuals to achieve their fullest potential.