Hire Trusted Employees Through Community Based Organizations

Discover New Sources of Talent Through Community Based Organizations

Hire loyal and capable workers by connecting with Community Based Organizations

There are thousands of individuals being trained and prepared for work by Community Based Organizations.  Partnering to hire their job seekers gives your company access to a new source of loyal workers you would not find through traditional sources of recruiting. These organizations act as a conduit to help you hire individuals that are a good fit and provide more accountability in the employee/employer relationship – out of respect for their organization, the new employee will show more dedication to your company. You can also tap into population groups that may face some type of job barrier such as veterans, previously incarcerated, homeless, Americans with disabilities or refugees.  Each employer that joins helps us reach our goal of cutting joblessness in half for these population groups. 

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Connecting with community based organizations provides a new source of workers for your company.

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